Nicholas O’Leary


Nic is now 24 years old and is a self-employed ceramic wall and floor tiler. When he was 18, sustained a head injury during a selection training session for the Welsh Exiles rugby squad. This resulted in a 3-day hospital stay where various scans took place.

Over the following years Nic underwent further scans, visits to a Neurophysiologist and was put on medication for mood stabilisation. Nic received counselling and treatment in a Mental Health Unit which is ongoing and he is waiting to see a specialist after an MRI Scan. The resulting brain injury has caused depression, anxiety, memory loss, fits and anger outbursts. Nic’s Mum is his carer…He is awaiting further counselling and treatment by a Neurophysiologist.
In view of the above, Nic has experienced financial difficulties and his parents have exhausted every spare penny that they have had over the last six years trying to support him.
The Voyagers have donated £5,000 to Nic to assist him.
For further information about Nic, please have alook at the Headway website -