Billy Woof

June 2017

On the 29th of April 2017, Billy was playing for Birkenhead Park Rugby Club in a promotion play-off match against Penrith Rugby Club. This was supposed to be the last game of the season which could quite possibly have been Billy’s last game of rugby, as he was thinking about stepping away from rugby for a while whilst he completed his University Degree. As cruel fate would have it this would be his last game of rugby anyway as, in the last two minutes of the game he went to step over the top of a ruck with the ball but, stumbled giving the defence the chance to catch him. As they scrambled to tackle him, his standing foot became stuck in the floor and the force of the collision dislocated Billy’s knee, severed his ligaments and managed to trap and sever an artery in his lower leg. An ambulance crew arrived and took Billy to Arrow Park Hospital, one of three hospitals he stayed at having three operations.

Billy eventually arrived at the Royal Hospital in Liverpool where, the expectation was that surgeons would start to fix his knee and start reattaching ligaments. Unfortunately, due to the damage which had occurred, the decision was made to amputate Billy’s leg through the knee.

Various fundraising events have and are being held to enable Billy to have a sports prosthetic leg and help Billy with his rehabilitation and his future wellbeing. The Voyagers have Donated £4,000.

You can follow Billy’s progress on his blog -