Tom Lazarides

Tom had an accident in a swimming pool in January 2020, he fractured his neck at C5 and C6 and had a contusion from C3-C7. This seems to have settled to an incomplete C5/6 injury. Tom was not operated on but had a collar, which has delayed his rehab but hopefully in the long term will benefit him. This was complicated in hospital when Tom developed a condition called rhabdomyalisis, following hyperpyrexia (heat stroke). This destroyed all his muscles which are very slowly regrowing. Tom was in ICU at Kings College Hospital until October 2020. He then transferred to Stoke Mandeville. However, due to restrictions from Covid, the FES machine was not available, nor the hydrotherapy pool and physio was reduced to 4x 45 minutes a week. Tom has just transferred to Steps rehabilitation centre in Sheffield.

Currently Tom cannot walk and has limited arm movement. Prior to the rhabdomyalsis he had very good arm movement and some returning hand movement. Since at Steps he has had much more intensive physio, there has been some movement in a finger, toe and muscle response in his quad. The longer term prognosis should be that he gets his arm and hand movement back. We do not know about his legs currently but shall work very hard to give him the best chance possible.

Team Tom have been able to raise some money through Team Durham, Durham University Sports Teams, Hild Bede, Tom’s college at Durham, Leeds and Broom Field CC, Dulwich Football Club and the Nigerian Exiles Rugby Club are planning a series of events. Dulwich College Rugby and Cricket Teams are planning some events with Sutton Valence School, where Tom was a sports scholar.

Tom is an outstanding sportsman and we are desperately trying to ensure that he has all the equipment he needs: sporting/gym etc to ensure that he can fulfil his ambitions. We know that he needs specialised wheel chairs, a hand bike and potentially FES equipment. We are having to self-fund his stay at Steps and so are desperate for any donation to ensure Tom fulfils his potential (the spinal units are currently not able to offer necessary rehab). There is no insurance and unlike either the Jockey Club or Injured Rugby Players fund, Tom does not have access to this funding.

Thank you so much, The Voyagers involvement and your fantastic donation will help hugely towards Tom’s recovery and increase social media awareness.

The Voyagers have made a donation of £5,000.