Gary Gold

Gary, a keen sportsman playing rugby for Chingford RFC from a boy through in to Seniors and Vets, also enjoys squash, the gym and cycling. During a cycle commute to work along the River Lee, Gary had an accident where he hit a railing and fell, landing on his neck. With some luck, he was found by a fellow cyclist Mr Eli Silber a consultant neurologist within a few minutes and was subsequently airlifted to the Royal London Hospital. After 3 weeks in ICU, he was moved to Whipps Cross once stabilised, for a further 3 weeks.

Gary was unable to move his arms or legs and had difficult breathing - other bodily functions were also limited. Eventually he was moved to Stanmore special spinal care unit but despite excellent care he received there, he returned home after 3 months a tetraplegic with only limited use in one arm.

Gary needs full time care and The Voyagers are delighted to be able to contribute to Gary’s fund raising activities, starting with a donation of £5,000. Keep fighting Gary, we’re with you pal…